Over 200 years after William Wilberforce fought for the abolition of the slave trade, human trafficking and modern slavery remain prevalent throughout the world today. Men, women and children of all nationalities are victims of human trafficking and the UK is no exception.

Human trafficking is an exceptionally complex issue which requires a comprehensive and cohesive approach, from policy development to implementation, to ensure it is eradicated.

The APPG works to:

  • raise awareness of the scale and effects of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK and the EU;
  • seek solutions to reduce supply and demand; and 
  • improve the welfare provisions for victims. 

The APPG has achieved a great deal since it was estbalished in 2006. Most notably, thanks in large part to the tremendous work of the Group, we now have a Modern Slavery Act (2015) and a Government Modern Slavery Strategy.

However, we have really only scratched the surface. Much more must be done in terms of awareness, professional training, and above all concerted action!


Damian Green MP describes the APPG as:

'an absolute model of how one can use an all-party group to shift public policy forward'

Hansard, Westminster Hall, 20 Jan 2010 : Column 121WH


The APPG is assisted in its work by the Human Trafficking Foundation (HTF), who act as Secretariat. 


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