The Modern Slavery Act 2015 represents a crucial development in the UK's approach to human trafficking and modern slavery. The legislation seeks to address many of the criticisms which had been expressed in relation to the existing legislative framework. 

Some of the most important and interesting developments include: 

  1. Consolidating the offence of modern slavery into one clear definition in keeping international law
  2. Stengthening the pentalties and sentences which may be imposed upon those convicted of an offence
  3. Creating Slavery and Traffikcing Prevention and Risk Orders to disrupt trafficking networks
  4. Establishing the position of Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner to co-ordinate efforts throughout the UK
  5. Enhancing the protection offered to victims, including a defence for those who commit an office as a result of their exploitation. 

Read the Act in full here

The Explanatory Notes which accompany the Act can be found here.